Here is the application at the Kentucky Science Center launch event, and a photo of the application in the context of the exhibit.

Dig It! - Let's build a tunnel

kentucky science center museum application

Engine: Unity 5 - C#

Development Time: January - March 2016 (3 months)

Role: Project Lead / Technical Designer

Team Size: 3 Members

"Dig It!" is an interactive touchscreen exhibit, designed to teach children high-level engineering concepts.

It was my first professional project as a game developer during my employment at E2i Creative Studios.



  • Worked with client and SME to ensure the facts and methods of tunnel construction were accurate, yet digestible for a younger audience.
  • Designed game flow targeting a younger science-oriented audience.
  • Wire-framed and iterated UI using program "moqups".
  • Designed User Experience using feedback from E2i playtests and testing done at the Kentucky Science Center.
  • Coordinated production with 2 artists to ensure cohesive visual style and quality.



  • Built modular motion graphic system in C# for easy art implementation and iteration.
  • Built data capturing back-end that outputs to Kentucky Science Center staff.
  • Programmed a responsive user experience inspired by HearthStone, to improve player feedback and polish.