Relentless Frisbee Brothers - Enemy Inheritance

In relentless Frisbee Brothers, I was tasked with the scripting and systems design of the game. When building the enemies, I wanted to create an extensible framework that could handle any sort of enemy type that was designed.

The enemy behaviors consisted of:
- Pathfinding towards the player
- Collisions and triggers handling incoming and outgoing damage based on the type of collision
- Adjustable health and armor amounts



Enemy Base Class + Inheriting Melee Enemy

Armored Enemy Class

The armored enemy is another form of melee, but with armor that must be broken before it can be damaged. As the enemy is damaged, it's sprite color grows brighter until it looks like a standard melee enemy when the armor is broken.

Bull Fighter - Unreal 4 Blueprint Scripting

With the "Bullfighter" project, I made a bull AI that charges at the player to which they must get around its back and use their spear to damage the bull and ultimately bring it down.

Displayed is an example of my visual scripting and comment style, and some zoomed-in code as an example.