FIEA - Capstone Project

Engine: Unreal 4

Development Time: December - July (8 months)

Role: Project Lead / Designer

Team Size: 17 Members 

Masterkey is an alternative First-Person-Shooter that combines physics and wall-running for a fast paced action experience. 


In this project I served many different roles, ranging from scheduling, designing enemy AI types, and influencing nearly every aspect of the game. Overall this project was a tremendous learning experience, and it taught me what it is to be a better leader, team player, and developer.


Project Lead

  • Designed initial game pitch, and built a team of 18 in a competitive self-forming team process.

  • Maintained high-level vision of game from inception to completion.

  • Collaborated with leads and team to establish goals and priorities for team.

  • Directed meetings with team to construct and enforce pipelines for each discipline (art, design, programming).

  • Scheduled and conducted play-tests, collected user information and feedback, and synthesized feedback into actionable goals for use by the design team.

  • Presented status of game to faculty and students on a bi-weekly basis.



  • Designed a first person experience featuring a physics-focused tether gun to manipulate the environment, paired with wall-running to facilitate high levels of movement critical for survival.

  • Prototyped initial physics demo of cable tether to assist with pitching of idea.

  • Designed 4 enemy AI types that work together to emphasize player locomotion abilities.

  • Assisted level designers with creating experiences that fully utilized the game's mechanics.

  • Consistently worked with art team to establish characters, world design, and lighting style.

  • Collaborated in developing game story and world.

  • Assisted in audio direction and design.