Astro Clash Cosmo Smash - IndieGalactic Space Jam 2015

EngineUnity 5 - C#

Development Time: 36 Hours

RoleCreative Lead / Producer

Team Size: 9 Members

2D local multiplayer game set in an international space station, where competing astronauts play arena soccer in a zero gravity arena. 

Won "Best Overall Game" out of 10+ entries.



  • Formulated idea and pitched to crowd of developers - created team of 9.
  • Scripted game-ball behaviors, to allow for players grabbing and throwing the ball.
  • Assist in audio production and implementation.



  • Constantly break down tasks between art and tech teams to minimize any bottlenecks and prevent wasted time.
  • Directed 8-hour team check-ins to ensure all team members were on the same page and aware of project status.


The IndieGalactic Space Jam was a very tough but rewarding experience, and I felt that it really helped my come into my own as a project lead, and how to get the best out of my team while reducing wasted effort and stress.

SnowManiacs - Finding the Fun

Development Time: 2 weeks

Engine: Adobe Motion Builder (Flash) - ActionScript 3.0

Role: Level Designer, Scripter

Team Size: 6 members

SnowManiacs pits two players together on a block of ice, sliding through the lanes in an attempt to stick a flaming marshmallow into their frosty opponent.



  • Collaborated with team to create main combat mechanic of sliding without control until you stop.
  • Designed 3 levels for co-op multiplayer action.
  • Designed User Interface and User Experience of game menus.



  • Scripted music and sound effects for main game and menus.
  • Implemented menus - start, options, and level select using ActionScript 3.0.


As a technical designer I felt it was my responsibility to do whatever possible to alleviate pressure on the programmer so he could focus on getting the main mechanics polished and bug-free, and to help make a more well-rounded game as a result of it.