Fish Bowl - Oculus VR Tech Demo

E2i - Internal Project

Engine: Unreal 4 - Blueprint Scripting

Development Time: June - August 2016 (3 Months)

Role: Lead Design, Scripter, Producer

Team Size: 4 Members

An first-person underwater VR experience, where the player slowly traverses the depths of a mysterious body of water.


Lead Design

  • Tasked with designing brief immersive experience utilizing newly acquired Oculus Rift technology.
  • Iterated and developed game controls and user experience using a blend of research of Oculus design standards and playtesting feedback.
  • Whiteboxed initial level layout, and populated world with coral, rock, and landscape assets.
  • Lit entire scene using a blend of lighting types to effectively guide player direction and interest.



    • Created AI fish behaviors using Unreal Blueprints to swim randomly in adjustable bounding boxes.
    • Blueprinted glowing cave visual effects.
    • Scripted world lighting system to smoothly increase / decrease lighting intensity based on player depth.



    • Acted as producer and point of contact for E2i art interns with weekly check-ins and guidance on art direction.
    • Critiqued and gave constructive feedback to E2i interns to develop a consistent art style.