Enemy of My enemy

Lead Designer / Lead Programmer — 8 Team Members — 4 months — Unity C#

opening .gif

player is powerless

In EoME, players find themselves trapped in a cartoonish prison without the lethal power needed to escape, followed by a hulking-purple-AI-gargoyle, Moe, who smashes everything in sight.

The game’s systems are designed to reinforce a theme of feeling Powerless:

  • Player’s pea shooter can only stun knights, not kill

  • Moe’s contact with a light-pixie triggers his immediate transformation to stone (he’s a gargoyle, get it?)

  • Paladin’s propensity to being crushed under Moe’s fists

(un)Friendly fire

  • Taunt the gargoyle — causing him to charge and smash you if you don’t move away in time!

  • Dash to avoid Moe’s vengeance — while leveraging his awesome destructive power

  • Archer arrows hurt everything — Maneuver dim-witted paladins into their sight lines for lethal effect

VIsual Design

Cartoonish — Whacky — Hectic

EoME intentionally depicts a ‘lighter’ interpretation of the Powerless theme, using cartoonish and whacky visuals to emphasize the game’s hectic tone.

I was constantly in communication with the Art Lead to help define and drive alignment on the games visuals, using mood boards and references from other games.

I defined the big-picture pacing and rhythm of gameplay in collaboration with the Level Designer by visually charting the intended difficulty between each encounter and level. and with the Art Lead to help define visual direction using mood boards and reference from other games.

Prototype to polish

I prototyped the core game loop and “Level 1” as a proof of concept/tech to align the team on the vision of the game. It served as a tremendous boost to team morale right from the get-go, and helped us to start production off on the right foot.


“Smash” Mechanic


When enemies get too close, Moe smashes everything in a circle around him — including you!

“Taunt/Charge” Mechanic

charge - polish.gif

Taunt Moe to trigger his lethal bull rush — Dash out of his way to avoid catastrophe!


Other prototyped mechanics seen here:

  • Finite state machine for Gargoyle AI

  • Gargoyle and enemy navigation systems

  • Player controller, dash, shoot and taunt mechanics

  • Gargoyle turn to stone near pixies

  • Enemy Pixies, Swordsmen, Archers and Defenders

Orlando iX

Lastly, we took the game to a convention called Orlando iX, where we featured the game at an indie booth to a positive reception. We used this opportunity to gather feedback to be implemented later, and built credibility among future peers for the development of MasterKey.