Demoing the game at Orlando iX 2016 to a very positive reception.

Enemy of My enemy

UCF Game Design - Capstone project

Engine: Unity 5 - C#

Development Time: January - April 2016 (4 months)

Role: Lead Programmer / Lead Designer

Team Size: 8 Members

Enemy of My Enemy is a single player action game that juxtaposes destruction and mayhem with the player's inability to kill anything dangerous. 


In this project I was constantly wearing multiple hats, communicating with members of each discipline (art, programming, design) to ensure a consistent cohesive vision that not only played great but performed at a consistent frame rate as well.

Lead Designer

  • Designed an experience that forces the player to cooperate with their AI gargoyle to succeed

  • Collaborated on 4 AI enemy types - Pixies, Swordsmen, Archer, Defender, that encourage hectic and constant movement

  • Designed autonomous AI companion that consistently follows you, attacks enemies, turns to stone, and charges at you if taunted

  • Work with level designer to properly cascade new information like mechanics, enemies, and challenging areas using playtest results

  • Developed UI/UX of menus, and poster system that serves as player reward for successful gameplay.

  • Work closely with Art Lead to design the characters and art style in alignment with a cartoon-fantasy aesthetic.

  • Ensure simple, singular cohesive vision across each lead and team member.

  • Coordinated playtests at UCF and Orlando iX to gather feedback and make positive adjustments

  • Cut proposed features to avoid feature creep and maintain a feasible scope.


Lead Programmer

  • Developed player controller, AI companion, Pixies, Swordsman, and Archer

  • Programmed and debugged autonomous AI companion using Finite State Machine (Following, Stopped, Attacking, Stoned, Charging) to manage behaviors and provide a smooth experience

  • Constructed AI enemy base class to allow for easy implementation and maintenance of AI behaviors

  • Implemented and refined animation for a polished feel

  • Implemented audio and particle effects to emphasize whacky aesthetic

  • Scripted level systems like, respawns, enemy spawn points, and special AI cases

  • Weekly assessments for frame rate drops and fixes