At Hasbro, I had the unique opportunity to explore the fringes of technology, hacking through the misty jungles of the ‘phygital’ unknown, where the digital and physical realms collide.

Throughout my (nearly) two years at Hasbro, I collaborated and led creative projects including:
Augmented Reality — speech interaction — board games — card games — commercial advertisements
where I grew as a creator, team player, and leader more than any other time in my life.

Learning from the toy industry following games was an peculiar shift in perspective for me,
tools and terminology change — but passion and creativity remain at the heart of every endeavor.

The work I did is Hasbro property, and therefore must abstract my experience.

“Best week ever”

During one of the most productive weeks I’ve had at Hasbro, a colleague (Jairo “9am-panadas” Fula) and I turned business and manufacturing constraints into Power Rangers product success.

Power Rangers Brainstorm
On Monday we delved into Hasbro Insights research, sketching the interests and capabilities of our target age and Power Ranger user with paper + pen and having fun while doing so.
We followed our imaginations to ideas like “luchador Power Rangers”, and orchestrating a Power Ranger “Cirque du Soleil” show. While unfeasible, that creativity led us to a delightfully simple idea that fit our target audience and brand strategy.

Outlining the top 5 features of the concept, I worked on strategic writing, Jairo sketched the features, and we developed an in-house ‘commercial’ showcasing the concept.
Shot on iPhones and using props we found at Wal-Mart, we collaborated to storyboard, direct, shoot, and edit a snappy 1-minute ad that showcased the concept simply and effectively.

The Good Part
By Friday we had our concept, video and presentation deck, and I pitched the concept to the Directors of iPlay, and iPlay technology respectively. The presentation won them over, and the concept was fast tracked within Hasbro’s production process where it is currently being user-tested and developed.

A successful pitch is rewarding, but the real “good part” was how much fun Jairo and I had at each stage of the process, and how that fun tangibly transferred into the product.

Itchy Trigger Fing-ar

While at Hasbro I was heavily involved in prototyping mobile interfaces and interactions between toys and Augmented Reality for brands like Nerf, Star Wars, and Magic: The Gathering.

Hack n’ Bash
To get the tech off the ground, it was my responsibility to kit-bash and understand a multitude of code, optical, and hardware solutions to find the right blend that was cheap enough for kids to play with AND care about.

Hi, Tech, meet Reality
Throughout this process I closely collaborated with ace Sr. Industrial Designer Sophie Horton-Jones to refine physical shapes and angles of AR markers attached to toys, accommodating the constraints of the headsets and digital tracking.
Simultaneously she developed increasingly elegant prototype solutions evolving from tape, to velcro, to custom 3D printing.

“That’s cool but, how do you show me when I’m in Rhode Island?”
To present AR effectively to stakeholders anywhere, our team had to innovate how we filmed interaction demos. We used solutions like reflecting the mobile screen, custom (cardboard) camera rigs, and motion graphics in videos supplementing presentations to brand owners and leadership across the country.

It was my responsibility to own and drive team projects across a multitude of unique interactions, using a process of:

Brainstorm—Sketches—Tech-Demo—Storyboards—Filming—Presentation Design—Pitch

Leading By example

A major highlight in my experience occurred when I stepped up at an opportunity to represent our 5-person team in critical daily meetings attended by the Directors of our 80+ person group.

It was my responsibility to be accountable for our deliverables, set strategic milestones, oversee tasks, while also prototype critical demos collaboratively with Jr. and Sr. Interaction Designers.

Our team not only delivered above expectations, but ahead of schedule — allowing us to assist other teams in finishing their demos on time.

Team morale and organization is intuitive for me, and I was constantly experimenting with our team process to find the right solution that fit us.

Hasbro Brands

While at Hasbro, I had to opportunity to contribute to these brands while also developing potential new IP.

If you would like to hear more stories like:

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  • managing team expectations during an AR collab I did with Nick Bartoletti from Wizards of the Coast

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